At the beginning of 1972, four women's names were submitted and the women were all contacted. On February 5, 1972, the women were initiated into the newly formed Lil' Sis Chapter of Alpha Tau Zeta Fraternity. During the first year they spent most of their time building a foundation for the chapter. Since then, new activities were added, old activities were revised, and others became tradition. 

In 1971, the idea of the Lil' Sis Chapter of Alpha Tau Zeta Fraternity began to take shape. Deb Rawlins should receive much credit for acting upon this idea and putting it into motion. Three women (Liz Yowler, Connie Allen, and Sharon Hoelscher) along with Deb became the charter members of Alpha Tau Zeta Lil' Sis Chapter. They met several times and discussed plans for rush and developed a constitution stating the number of women to be taken in, the purpose of the organization, and other things relation to the formation of this chapter.

ASU History

On September 23, 1993, five members of Alpha Tau Zeta Lil' Sis Chapter met for an executive meeting. At this meeting the members decided to form a new organization which would be separate from Alpha Tau Zeta Fraternity, but still held all traditional ties. The name the women chose as SHARP - Sisters Honoring Agricultural and Rural Professions. After becoming SHARP, the members took the next step to become an independent University recognized organization. 

Agricultural Sisters United